I am a PhD student in the Joint Degree Program for Politics and Social Policy at Princeton University. My research interests include decentralization, the politics of health, and the political economy of development, with a regional focus on Latin America. My current projects explore how popular participation shapes the local policy-making process in developing countries, with a focus on: (1) local electoral responsiveness; and (2) the performance of participatory governance institutions. These projects draw on original quantitative and qualitative data sources from Brazil, including archival documents, a database of 400+ municipal election surveys, and interviews conducted during a year of fieldwork.

For 2015-2017, I am a Quin Morton Predoctoral Teaching Fellow with the Princeton Writing Program. For my work as a Teaching Fellow, I was awarded a Graduate Teaching Award, Princeton's highest honor for graduate instructors. I was previously a visiting researcher at the University of São Paulo (USP). 

Please send any comments or questions to pjohanne(at)princeton.edu.